Q.) How do I get started?
A.) Start by filling out the sign up form on this site. Then contact Trevco, Inc. at 800-535-8575 to set up a business account in our system with the correct forms and information associated to the process. Let us know what username you signed up as and once all your information has been confirmed and approved you will receive full access to the b2b website as well as information on all the drop ship programs Trevco, Inc. has to offer.
Q.) How many ways can I place a drop ship order?
A.) Currently Trevco, Inc offers 3 different ways to place a drop ship order via on online from, an FTP upload process or a webservice API. You will recieve more information about these options once you have contact Trevco, Inc. about your business account.
Q.) Can I place a stock order for my business?
A.) Yes you can but that is not handled on this site. If you go to www.trevcoinc.com, this is our wholesalers web site. There you can look through all of our licenses and items Trevco, Inc. has to offer. Once again, you wil need to have a Trevco, Inc. business account set up to gain full access to our website.
Q.) Are there any fees associated with drop shipping?
A.) Yes there are small handling fees to process a drop ship order. They are $2.00 for the first item, $1.00 each additional item per PO#.
Q.) How can I calculate shipping rates?
A.) The majority of orders are for one item and generally they can be handled by our Economy shipping option for a flat rate of $3.00 as long as the weight is below 1 pound. Any package more than 1 lb. will ship at standard UPS/FedEx/USPS rates and you will be billed accordingly.
Q.) Do I have to use your shipping provider?
A.) Not at all, you can provide us with your shipping account information for your preferred service provider and we can associate that to your account.